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Optimize your safety solutions with assured ease! Have a PIP® Safety professional on-site to conduct a comprehensive survey of your current PPE and costs of high-volume use to determine the best product selection for you. With nearly forty years of safety expertise, quality products and best-in-class services, PIP® is your trusted partner in safety.



Promoting worker safety with innovative products and cost-saving solutions is the cornerstone of the PIP® PPE program. The PIP® On-Site Assessment provides comprehensive safety solutions with the versatility to implement in one location or globally.

PIP® has over 150 trained Safety professionals with over 1,000 years of collective knowledge and experience to provide your organization with the proper product selection for any application. With the On-Site Assessment, PIP® helps maximize worker safety with minimized costs. Here is how it works:

  • Assess image Assess & Document

    A team comprised of customer, distributor and PIP® associates assess problem areas to identify existing products and practices by department and application.

  • Analysis image Analysis

    PIP® conducts a thorough analysis of site observations and collected data to determine the right products and develop a proposed set of solutions.

  • Present image Present & Test

    Review a concise, comprehensive analysis of site findings and proposed solutions to develop and implement a product trial program.

  • Measure image Measure

    PIP® documents user feedback on product performance and actual cost improvement benchmarks to determine trial program effectivity.

Why should an on-site assessment be conducted?

Employers are responsible for determining if hazards are present or likely to be present in the workplace, according to Section 1910.132 of the OSHA Standard relating to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Employers must verify performed assessments through a written certification that identifies the workplace environment and any existing or potential hazards. The OSHA Standard also prohibits the use of defective PPE and requires proper training for every employee.

Before conducting an analysis and end-user survey, approval should be obtained from a plant manager or department supervisor. Once approved, representatives from each end-user area should accompany the surveyor.

Call a PIP® field-based agent to help you conduct surveys in large industrial facilities. A factory-trained professional can significantly improve the survey results by assuring that selected products are the most appropriate for the end user's needs.

What's Required

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    Plant / Site Information Company and Location details
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    Select PPE Selection of PPE category to assess
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  • 3sp-icon
    Recordable Non-Recordable Injuries 12-month total of injuries in the specified location
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    Cost & Usage Current Brand / Style Current 12-month usages

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