Comfortable & Dependable Ear Muffs

The key to hearing protection is simplicity. Put them on and protect. Little buttons, batteries, and radios complicate matters. Get what matters most. Try something simple for a change.


Bisley X-Airflow™ Ultra Ventilated Workwear

PIP® has an exciting new innovation that revolutionizes heat stress protection, even in extreme heat conditions. Featuring a unique, differentiating laser perforation technology along the side panels, underarm and across the back, Bisley X-Airflow™ Workwear is the most advanced apparel for keeping the heat out compared to any other workwear vented shirts on the market.


Premium Hi-Visibility T-Shirts With Moisture Control

The Bisley Workwear Essentials Collection by PIP® was designed to maximize worker comfort. Featuring a two-faced moisture-wicking polyester outer layer with a cotton backing, perforated reflective tape to allow unrestricted movement, and a Bisley® exclusive Bioscience Fresche® antimicrobial treatment to fight bacteria and odors, workers can be guaranteed the ultimate level of comfort in any environment.


Unparalleled Dexterity, Ultra-Lightweight Cut Protection

Introducing the new G-Tek® PolyKor® Ultra Fiber Technology, an ultra-lightweight seamless knit 21-gauge cut resistant glove that delivers the most flexibility and tactile sensitivity in the market.


Force Typhoon™ 8 Twin Filter Half Masks with PressToCheck™

The Force Typhoon™ 8 twin filter half mask with Typhoon™ valve combined with P100 PressToCheck™ offers all day comfort and superior low breathing resistance, provides 'Daily Face Fit Reassurance' with a simple user seal check, and meets the Respirator APF of 10 requirements as set out by OSHA.


Cut Resistant Garments for Full Body Protection

Kut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ garments are essential in high-risk environments like glass manufacturing, particularly for employees working on the glass factory/fabrication floor. Our Made in the USA garments offer high-level protection in areas most harmful such as the neck, upper arm, upper inside leg and wrist, where major arteries are at risk.


A Sustainable Alternative in Work Gloves

The G-Tek® ECOSeries™ line of coated gloves offers the latest in bio-based technology and recycled fiber technologies, featuring one ANSI A4 cut style and three general purpose styles that deliver the same high-quality performance with a lower carbon footprint.

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PIP® Welding Garment Materials

PIP® Boss® Heated Clothing

PIP® AR/FR Dual Certified Workwear Technology

Caiman® Kontour™

PIP® ATA® Technology

PIP® Traverse™ Safety Helmet

G-Tek® D3O® iP™ Technology

Bisley® Cold Weather Technology

Grippaz® Extended Use Hand Protection Technology


THORZT™ by PIP® Hydration Solutions

JSP Force Typhoon™ 8 Twin Filter Half Masks with PressToCheck™

Bisley Workwear Essentials Shirts

Bisley X-Airflow™ Workwear Shirts

PIP® vSeries Ear Muffs

Kut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ Cut Resistant Garments

G-Tek® PolyKor® 21-Gauge Cut Resistant Glove

PIP® Boss® High Performance Gloves

PIP® Boss® Task-Specific Work Gloves

US Mesh® Metal Mesh Gloves, Sleeves And Garments

PIP® Ear Plugs With PowerSoft™ Foam Technology

PIP® Rocky™ - Mips® Safety Helmet

PIP® New Product Launches

Claw Cover® Seamless Knit Gloves And Sleeves

PIP® Grippaz® Extended Use Gloves

PIP® G-Tek® ECOSeries™ Gloves

Boss® Therm™ Heated Vest

PIP® G-Tek® VR-X Gloves

PIP® Boss® Footwear Line

PIP® Heat Stress Safety Products

Hard Hats vs. Safety Helmets Dynamic® Rocky™

PIP® Posiwear® Disposable Clothing

PIP® EZ-Twist™ Hybrid Ear Plugs

G-Tek® Impact Series™ Gloves

PIP® Dynamic® Hard Hats

PIP® Scrap King Heavy Duty Gloves

G-Tek® KEV™ Gloves


Bouton® FogLess® 3Sixty™ Technology

Kevlar® Heat Technology

PIP® Aqua Armor® Water-Resistant Technology


PIP® Field Installable 4-Point Hard Hat Chin Strap Demo

ATG® Maxiflex® Cut™ Gloves Demo

Bouton® Fortify™ Safety Eyewear Demo

JSP® Evolution® Hard Hats Demo


PIP® NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Gloves

DSM Dyneema Revisions 2016 to EN388 Standard

Understanding ANSI 105 and EN388 Cut Protection Standards

Proper Insertion of Disposable Earplugs


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PIP® More Than Just Gloves

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