Extreme Cut Protection For High-Risk Applications

US Mesh® is the only choice for serious users in Food Safety. This preferred line of metal mesh gloves, sleeves and garments delivers maximum cut protection and significant protection against stabs and punctures for high-risk operations in the food industry.


Grippaz® Gloves With Patented Fish Scale Grip

Introducing a comprehensive line of extended use gloves offering the best grip against grease, fat and oil that last up to 5 times longer than regular disposable gloves in industrial applications.


A Sustainable Alternative in Work Gloves

The G-Tek® ECOSeries™ line of coated gloves offers the latest in bio-based technology and recycled fiber technologies, featuring one ANSI A4 cut style and three general purpose styles that deliver the same high-quality performance with a lower carbon footprint.

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A Major Breakthrough In Glove Technology

G-Tek® VR-X™ is the FIRST reusable work glove tested and certified to the EN 374 standard for permeation and microbe penetration that delivers advanced barrier protection via a patent-pending coating technology.

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Boss® Footwear: Made For Working

PIP’s Boss® footwear line is made of materials that are up to 25% lighter than traditional, heavy PVC boots and feature an optimized design for improved comfort and protection against multiple hazards.

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Glove and Sleeve Combinations Designed For High-Risk Food Safety Applications

Claw Cover® is a pioneer brand in cut-resistant knit gloves designed specifically for the Food Industry. Featuring proprietary yarns and designs engineered to reduce the risk of serious cut injuries while keeping workers comfortable, Claw Cover® is the go-to brand for protection in demanding Food Manufacturing applications.

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Redefining Disposable Hearing Protection

PIP® EZ-Twist™ hybrid ear plugs feature an innovative design that eliminates the need to roll before inserting for a quicker, more secure fit.

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PIP® vSeries Ear Muffs

Kut Gard® ATA® PreventWear™ Cut Resistant Garments

G-Tek® PolyKor® 21-Gauge Cut Resistant Glove

PIP® Boss® High Performance Gloves

PIP® Boss® Task-Specific Work Gloves

US Mesh® Metal Mesh Gloves, Sleeves And Garments

PIP® Ear Plugs With PowerSoft™ Foam Technology

PIP® Rocky™ - Mips® Safety Helmet

PIP® New Product Launches

Claw Cover® Seamless Knit Gloves And Sleeves

PIP® Grippaz® Extended Use Gloves

PIP® G-Tek® ECOSeries™ Gloves

Boss® Therm™ Heated Vest

PIP® G-Tek® VR-X Gloves

PIP® Boss® Footwear Line

PIP® Heat Stress Safety Products

Hard Hats vs. Safety Helmets Dynamic® Rocky™

PIP® Posiwear® Disposable Clothing

PIP® EZ-Twist™ Hybrid Ear Plugs

G-Tek® Impact Series™ Gloves

PIP® Dynamic® Hard Hats

PIP® Scrap King Heavy Duty Gloves

G-Tek® KEV™ Gloves


Bouton® FogLess® 3Sixty™ Technology

Kevlar® Heat Technology

PIP® Aqua Armor® Water-Resistant Technology


PIP® Field Installable 4-Point Hard Hat Chin Strap Demo

ATG® Maxiflex® Cut™ Gloves Demo

Bouton® Fortify™ Safety Eyewear Demo

JSP® Evolution® Hard Hats Demo


PIP® NOVAX® Rubber Insulating Gloves

DSM Dyneema Revisions 2016 to EN388 Standard

Understanding ANSI 105 and EN388 Cut Protection Standards


Manufacturing Excellence Around the World

PIP® More Than Just Gloves

Getting to Know PIP®

PIP® National Welding Month

PIP® Ironcat® Welding PPE

PIP® The BEST in People

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