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Banded Ear Plugs - NRR 20


Available Colors:

  • Size: OS
  • Packed: 10 Boxes/Case
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
Product Attributes

Style: Banded

Convenient for intermittent use. Ensures out of the way comfort and limits contact with clothing and resulting sound transmission. Prevents the plugs from contact with dirty surfaces when set down.

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Ear Plug Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer

The smooth, dirt-repellent surface of TPE plugs can be cleaned using soap and water. This is ideal for dirty working environments, preventing minor injuries and irritation. It is created in a pre-formed shape and requires no rolling, making them easy to put on. Its moderate noise reduction blocks out hazardous noise yet allows warning signals and voices to be clearly understood.

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Product Description

Product Description

Ergonomic plugs fit outside the opening of the ear canal for noise protection, while the band insures out-of-the-way comfort and plugs from contact with dirty surfaces when set down. Ideal for short jobs, moving in and out of noise areas or for visitors.


  • Innovative and patented
  • Band limits contact with clothing and resulting sound transmission
  • Comfortable and convenient for work applications where ear plugs have to be removed frequently
  • Easy to handle
  • Extremely light weight, only 8 grams, makes the band comfortable to wear
  • Individually wrapped
  • Banded
  • Reusable TPE
  • NRR 20 dB
  • Red w/ Black Band
  • Self-Sealing Flanges
  • Easy To Clean
  • Lightweight
  • 10 Pair per Dispenser Box