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Secure 2

Passive Ear Muff with Neckband - NRR 25


Available Colors:

  • SIZE: OS
  • PACKED: 20 Pair/Case
  • Country of Origin: China

Style: Neckband

For use in conjunction with bump caps, hard hats without universal slots or head-mounted face protection. Adjustable head support strap ensures that muffs stay in position at all times.

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Protection Type: Passive

Noise blocking muffs attenuate noise using the highest quality insulating and dampening materials and are offered in mulitple levels of protection to fit your working environment. Their slim profile increases stability and reduces the risk of snagging in confined areas. Passive is available in Headband, Cap Mounted and Neckband Styles, and all models are dielectric.

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Construction: Snap-In Cushions

Snap-in ear cushions with minimal sweat retention and soft foam filling increase comfort and are easily replaced.

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The Secure neckband style ear muff offers great versatility to the user. A perfect solution when you need hearing protection in conjunction with bump caps, helmets without attachment slots or head mounted face protection. The strong and flexible neckband balances the weight over the neck, keeping an even and comfortable pressure over the ears. "Snap-in" ear cushions with minimal sweat retention and soft foam filling increases the high comfort and are easily replaced, for a fresh long-lived product.


  • Soft ear cushions maintains a high level of comfort protection
  • The soft Velcro headband fits any head size and keeps an even pressure over head
  • Color coding for easy selection and identification
  • Smooth telescopic size adjustment
  • Tested and CE approved against European, North American and Australian standards