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Hygiene Kit for Secure Electronic Ear Muffs


Available Colors:

  • Size: OS
  • Packed: 10/Case
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
Product Attributes

Protection Type: Electronic

Features an electronic protection system that digitally limits all sound through the internal speakers to a safe level.

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Product Description

Product Description

For use with Secure™ Electronic Ear Muffs.


  • Includes one pair of replacement ear cushions, one pair of foam inserts and one headband cushion
  • Features snap-in cushion system for easy replacement
  • Ear cushions should be replaced twice a year, or when the cushion shows signs of damage
  • Hygiene Kit for Secure Electronic Muff
  • Includes 1 Pair Ear Cushions & Foam Inserts & Headband Cushion
  • Snap-In Replacement System

At Hellberg Safety, your hearing is the largest concern. For over 50 years, the focus at Hellberg™ has been on developing effective and comfortable hearing protection that eliminates harmful noise while allowing the sounds you want to hear to reach you. Their goal is that you use Hellberg™ hearing protection 100% of the time you might be exposed to harmful noise. Investment in advanced technology and in their own sound laboratory has put Hellberg™ at the forefront of new hearing protection development.

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