Grippaz™ Jan San

Extended Use Ambidextrous Nitrile Glove with Textured Fish Scale Grip - 6 Mil



EN 374 Results: JKTP

J: Heptane
K: Sodium Hydroxide 40%
T: Formaldehyde 37%
P: Hydrogen Peroxide 30%

To attain the EN 374 pictogram shield gloves must pass at least a Level 2 in three chemicals. The chemicals listed above are the chemicals that passed for this glove.

End of Life - Recyclable via Terracycle® Program

ESD Safe

ESD is an acronym for electrostatic discharge. This discharge is the rapid transfer of static between two different objects. Although ESD doesn’t typically cause harm to the human body - you might only experience it as a small, surprising shock - it can cause extensive damage to electrical equipment and sensitive instruments. This damage may either be permanent, causing the device to malfunction (known as a catastrophic failure), or it may occur on a smaller scale that would be difficult to detect before the device is sent out for service (known as latent defect).

Touchscreen Compatible

A common misconception is that touchscreens work based on heat from fingers. It's not heat that generates touchscreen functionality, instead, most screens work either on finger pressure applied or electrical field disruption. Basically, this means there are two main types of touchscreen technologies, Resistive and Capacitive.

Click here for more information about Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreens

Available Colors:

  • SIZES: S-2XL
  • Packed: 10 Boxes/Case
  • STOCK TYPE: Stock
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
Product Attributes

Polymer: Nitrile

Nitrile: Nitrile provides good resistance to hydrocarbon derivatives. It is tough and resistant to abrasion, snags and perforation. However, nitrile with a smooth finish is not recommendedin oily conditions, and avoid prolonged contact with ketones and aromatic solvents.

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Thickness: 6 Mil


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Powder: Powder Free

Powder Free: Manufactured using a chlorination process that creates a less tacky glove surface facilitating donning and leaving no residual traces on surfaces.

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Product Description

Product Description

Grippaz™ Technology features a fish scale pattern that provides the unparalleled grip performance. Ergonomically designed to provide traction grip on the outside and on the inside Tough stretch formula nitrile fits more snugly than traditional gloves and offers maximum comfort, multiple use durability and dexterity. Ideal for handling oily/wet parts, paint spraying, automotive service and repair and electroplating objects.


  • Patented design on the inside and outside of the glove provides extra traction with wet equipment and surfaces
  • 6 mil proprietary nitrile blend with patented fish scale pattern is more tear-resistant and puncture-resistant than conventional single-use disposable gloves – for prolonged use and reduced waste
  • ESD Safe, Surface Resistance per ASTM D257, Static dissipative range at 10^8 ohms, 12%RH, 48hrs @100Volts
  • Resistant to detergent solutions containing sodium hydroxide and bleach as well as other common cleaning detergents
  • Proprietary nitrile blend offers enhanced flexibility, comfort and mobility – reducing hand fatigue
  • Complies with FDA food handling requirements 21 CFR, Part 177
  • Yellow color synonymous with chemical handling
  • Touchscreen compatible to allow the user to operate a touch screen phone or device without removing gloves

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Standards Met

EN 374 Results: JKTP

J: HeptaneK: Sodium Hydroxide 40%T: Formaldehyde 37%P: Hydrogen Peroxide 30%

To attain the EN 374 pictogram shield gloves must pass at least a Level 2 in three chemicals. The chemicals listed above are the chemicals that passed for this glove.

End of Life - Recyclable via Terracycle® Program

Chemical Permeation

Chemical Permeation

The chemical permeation of our product is measured in accordance to European Standard EN 374-3. This measures the resistance of protective gloves against chemicals and microorganisms. Part 3 of the standard determines the level of resistance to permeation by chemicals.

Breakthrough Time (BTT)

The number of minutes from initial contact with a test chemical until it is first detected on the inside of the glove.

Breakthrough Time - Protection Index

Each chemical tested is classified in terms of breakthrough time (performance level 0 to 6).

CAUTION: This information is provided as an aid in determining the general suitability of various products for use with specific chemicals. These recommendations are advisory only and the SUITABILITY OF THE PRODUCT FOR A SPECIFIC APPLICATION OR ENVIRONMENT MUST BE DETERMINED BY THE PURCHASER OR USER OF THE PRODUCT. This information should be used as a guide only.

Chemical Name



Formaldehyde, 37%>240 MIN
Hydrogen peroxide, 30%>60 MIN
n-Heptane>60 MIN
Sodium hydroxide, 40%>480 MIN

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Ambi-dex® boasts a comprehensive line, offering a variety of options to fit any task requiring disposable gloves. Whether the task requires gloves to be powdered or powder free, nitrile, latex, vinyl, or a more specialized industry, like janitorial/sanitation or food service, Ambi-dex® has it in the arsenal. Additionally, Ambi-dex® with Grippaz™ technology features a fish scale pattern that provides unparalleled grip performance. Grippaz™ are ergonomically designed to provide traction grip on the outside as well as on the inside of the glove.

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