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Tips for Proper PPE in Hot Environments

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  • Vented head protection allows for the inflow of fresh air and the outflow of body heat while working
  • Vented head protection should be certified to ANSI Z89.1 Class C requirements and SHOULD NOT be used around electrical hazards
  • The color of the head protection affects the amount of sunlight drawn to it- white being the least attractive and black being the most
  • Many safety helmets have additional accessories that can be added to keep workers cool and comfortable


  • Tinted safety glasses prevent eye strain from the sun's glare while working in sunny environments
  • Rimless, lightweight safety glasses provide a comfortable wear and limit sweat accumulation on a worker's face
  • Polarized lens technology controls the angle at which sunlight enters the lens, resulting in a clearer vision of the surrounding area and reduced glare
  • Safety glasses with anti-fog technology resist fog build up from worker exhalation while wearing a respiratory mask
  • Indirect vented goggles allow for the outflow of built-up heat while performing demanding tasks
  • Direct vented goggles allow for the inflow of fresh air and the outflow of built up heat and SHOULD NOT be used around hazardous liquids or solvents


  • Our hands are equipped with vessels known as AVAs that are effective at heat removal, making breathable hand protection essential in hot environments
  • Coated seamless knit gloves provide more breathability and better grip compared to leather gloves and disposables
  • The higher the gauge, the thinner and more breathable a coated seamless knit glove is- making 21 and 18 gauge ideal for hot environments
  • Gloves with engineered cooling fibers and technologies make for comfortable hands in hot environments


  • Valved respirators allow for easier exhalation and a low resistance breathing process in hot environments
  • Disposable respirators may be changed out more frequently in hot environments due to sweat- be sure to have extra on hand if temperatures heat up
  • Reusable filter cartridges should have covers that direct exhaled air away from the face and eyes
  • Always remove respiratory PPE when resting or in a safe breathing environment to avoid heat stress


  • Heat stress PPE can keep workers cool while working and not just during break periods
  • Absorptive cooling PPE absorbs sweat to avoid dangerous instances like sweat entering the eyes of a worker
  • Phase change cooling PPE such as cooling vests should be worn under hi-vis clothing to help regulate body temperatures while keeping workers visible
  • Evaporative cooling products slowly evaporate water to provide a cool feeling to the worker for hours on the job
  • Sun protective PPE helps limit the exposure to the suns hazardous UV rays
  • It's important to implement hydration, rest and shade periods throughout the workday to avoid heat stress


  • Mesh materials provide better breathability than solid materials in hot environments
  • Ventilated workwear allows for fresh air to circulate through the garment and body heat to escape the garment
  • Hi-vis workwear with perforated tape makes the densest part of a hi-vis garment more breathable
  • Long sleeved workwear or cooling sleeves protect workers from the suns hazardous UV rays
  • Cotton absorbs sweat and keeps workers cool while working
  • Polyester wicks away sweat and provides a gradually cool feeling through evaporation


Watch our latest webinar, which covers:

  • A high-level overview of OSHA's NEW Heat Stress National Emphasis Program (NEP) designed to protect employees from heat-related hazards and injuries.
  • The functionality and benefits of key heat stress PPE technologies
  • The essential ingredients and components that make up an advanced hydration formula
  • Advancements in high-visibility workwear engineered to keep workers cooler, more comfortable, and more productive on the job
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