About Us | Value Proposition | Protective Industrial Products

PIP believes that our value to customers includes the following elements:

  • The attitude that the customer is "first" always. We strive to make every customer experience favorable and hassle free.
  • A broad and deep product line. We have done the heavy lifting for the customer that wants to reduce the number of suppliers they use by being a single source for many different types of products.
  • Recognizable branding. We have developed recognizable brands that add value for our customers and we will continue to work to improve the equity of our branding.
  • A relentless pursuit of operational perfection. We strive for perfection with the expectation that we will achieve excellence.
  • A competitive pricing strategy. We work diligently to understand our competition and to price our products competitively.
  • An ease of doing business. We strive to be the easiest company that our customers do business with.
  • Our people. We employ the best in the business and our customers recognize that.